Our History

Terranova Defense Group was Founded in May 2012 in Toronto, Canada; registered as Terranova International Public Safety Canada (TIPS CANADA), a Canadian federally incorporated for-profit public safety company. Tips Canada started off in first aid training with the Canadian Red Cross that offered all training services from basic to advanced first aid, including wilderness and maritime first aid. After serving in Canada for nearly four years, Tips Canada evolved deeper into public safety to include aerospace and maritime search and rescue. Tips Canada provided specific training services including SAR Tech and Emergency Operations training to public safety, emergency management and emergency operation personnel through North America.

During COVID-19, Tips Canada evolved into Terranova Aerospace which we had to do with going hands-off with no contact solutions rendering in-person training almost non-existent. During Covid, Terranova Aerospace became Terranova Defense Solutions Incorporated, which led to the amalgamation of all Terranova companies into Terranova Defense Solutions Incorporated (Amalgamated). Thus keeping our brand and services we provided throughout Covid. 

Terranova Defense Solutions eventually molded into the Terranova Defense Group of Companies. This was a group of partners, affiliates and members who came together during Covid to provide a holistic approach for companies in need of services, solutions, substance and resolution through a collaborative partnership.

Terranova Defense Group began to work with domestic and international companies that are at risk of physical and digital threats including autonomous and digital attacks. Terranova Defense utilizes post quantum and blockchain software solutions, through advancing technologies and extensive manufacturing partners that work together from around the world today. This enables the global flow of commerce, access to healthcare, fintech, and digital freedom.

In 2024, Terranova Defense Solutions will become the primary service provider the Terranova Defense Group that includes Terranova Defense Solution, Terranova Aerospace Solutions, Terranova Maritime Solutions, Terranova Communication, Terranova AI, Terranova Defense NFP (operating as Cyber Security Global Alliance) and CSR5 Global, that will continue to share all its resources through its partners creating a truly unique business solution that can create a unicorn service solution within ten (10) years, providing a solid foundation for a high-level returns on global investments.


Terranova Aerospace and Defense Drones and Vehicles

Terranova Aerospace and Defense Industry Partners have provided us with the vehicles we have needed for sales and service. In 2024, Terranova will commence in building MALE RPAS Drones for Autonomous Water Bombers

Light Solar Drone Technologies
MALE RPAS Technologies
Atech SYN Drone Technologies
Uncrewed Surface Vehicle Technologies
Swarm Tech and Healthcare Drones
Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Technologies
Customized Off-Road Unitracks
Adventure Bikes

Terranova Defense Solutions
Senior Executive Team

James Castle

Chairperson & Founder


Justin Litchfield

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Chris Golden



Ting Ma

Chief Financial Officer


Terranova Defense (TADI) | Collaborative Partnerships


Terranova Aerospace & Defense Industries (TADI) is a group of defense partners, affiliates, and members providing
holistic solutions and services globally.